Are you thinking of using SQL server? Maybe you’re not familiar with the advantages of doing, but don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of the pros of SQL server and why you should go ahead and use it.

Administration & Setup Is Easy

Generally speaking, setting up SQL server isn’t that difficult, especially with the help of companies like Red9, and it can be done rather quickly. Besides that, not much management from a DBA is required is required to run it and there is a little bit of work involved with configuring it. Setting up index maintenance, backups and security doesn’t require a lot of work during the setup phase either and if you have to make adjustments with the GUI, then this shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re looking for a server that’s easy to setup and isn’t that difficult to run, then look no further than an SQL server.

In fact, you install it via a setup wizard. The installer makes prerequisite updates automatically too. This makes things even easier.


When it comes to storing and retrieving data, you don’t want to use software that isn’t reliable or software that gives you problems. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with a SQL server. When you start using an SQL server, you’ll quickly realize just how reliable it is.

There are several versions of SQL server, and each one is extremely reliable and stable. Some of the systems that back SQL products are rebooted annually and sometimes security patches are applied. This means you can rest assure the data being stored on your SQL server is protected.

Great Security Features

SQL Server has good security features. For example, if you have security policies require employees or other personnel to be compliant in order to access the database, then SQL Server will come in handy. One feature detects such security policies, which means only those who are authorized will be allowed to access the database.

Other features include security audits, which can be written into log files. You can also write events to log files, and this can be done automatically. The bottom line is the security features SQL Server has ensured your database is protected.


Another pro of SQL Server is its performance. It has enhanced performance. For instance, it has encryption features, as well as a data compression feature that is built into it. There are several permission management tools too.

When it comes to collecting data, SQL server offers superior performance. In fact, you’ll find that collecting data and storing it is fast and efficient with SQL server. You’ll definitely be impressed with its performance.

Recovery Support

Nobody wants to struggle to recover data in the event something happens. Restoring and recovering data can be a challenge, and corrupt data is a huge concern among people, especially when a shutdown happens or when power loss occurs. One of the best things about SQL Server is it has features that help with recovering data and restoring data.

However, you can’t back up or restore individual tables. The good news is there are several restoration options available for you to use. You can recover via caching, log files and backups. This means if a disaster happens, you can count on being able to recover and restore your data.

Those are a few pros of SQL Server, but there are many other advantages we didn’t discuss. The best way to experience all of the benefits SQL Server has to offer is to actually use it. As soon as you set SQL Server up and start using it, you’ll realize just how good it is.